Real Estate Law

We have been delivering legal and consulting services to real estate investors both domestic and foreign and retailing companies in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Our attorney partnership particularly offers a wide variety of professional legal counseling services and all necessary legal support covering all stages of all kinds of real estate projects from their beginning to completion including but not limited to preparation and drafting of construction contracts in return for land share/revenue, promise to sell, and engineering and procurement contracts; Shopping Mall lease contracts, Shopping Mall management and asset management agreements, Lease contracts, hotel operation and management agreements, and other administrative contracts, obtaining of planning, reconstruction and building permits, and monitoring of relevant processes, all types of legal due diligence of immovable properties owned and/or leased and used by various major private companies and public agencies within the scope of merger & acquisition, privatization, energy and finance projects, and creation of all kinds of encumbrances on immovable properties in major projects; urban transformation projects and provision of similar legal services.