Tax Law

It is apparent that a sustained high level emphasis is required to be placed on tax law in a very rigorous and meticulous manner accompanied by a careful follow-up due to serious legal troubles arising from complex tax practices in our country as well as serious financial consequences arising from incorrect implementation in this field.

Tax practices have two dimensions, one technical and the other one financial, which in turn increase the necessity for consultancy aimed at financial practices. Our Attorney Partnership, with its team of legal professionals experienced both in tax law and its practices as well as with its senior consultants specialized both in accounting and finance, provides support to companies and individuals for their legal issues arising from tax practices and their incorrect implementation. Our law office offers legal and consulting services and all necessary legal support for disputes arising from assessment, accrual, collection and imposition of fines and penalties by the administration within the framework of Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Value Added Tax, Special Transaction Tax, Motor Vehicle Tax and other similar taxes, levies and duties including but not limited to seeking reconciliation or pursuing legal proceedings, and resolution of tax disputes arising from special transactions such as intercompany transactions, transfer of funds and/or resources and transactions with shareholders and legal dimensions of tax planning and tax audits and reviews.